Arrk Technologies expertise and industry experience helps to control the cost, reduce risk and increase productivity. Our range of services helps the clients to improve growth and competitiveness against the increasing business challenges.

IT Consulting

Arrk Technologies endeavours to meet your needs in the most financially optimal and critically relevant manner. Our Company solutions include product engineering and reengineering ranging from mobile consulting, web consulting, interactive GUI designs, and more. Arrk Technologies offers services to study the performance and security for applications. We assist in designing and leading your R&D organisation, portfolio management, platform selection, creation of business innovation labs, and technology management for the easy flow of information across departments and teams. Arrk Technologies also helps clients via its engineering services outsourcing capabilities which have been built over time. Our business and IT strategy lets you find innovative ways to manage your resources and recreate processes in an easy manner so as to keep up with the times. We are aware of the competitive advantage that businesses gain with seamless IT architecture and we pride in assisting you in a critical facet of your business development.


Our technology solutions offer Enterprise CMS frameworks, Web technology, mobile technology, and more. Arrk Technologies aids your business by creating customized software applications that can bypass the deficiencies of commercial packaged applications thereby enhancing the functionality of your business’s IT machinery. Our software development capabilities can be availed with a range of packages namely - client/ business specific production, potential user specific production, and personal use. No matter how complex the deliverable is we have the experience and innovation to handle it while providing the most lucrative packages for your organisation. While our USP lies in this flexibility, Arrk Technologies are more than facilitated to cover end to end assignments.

IT staffing

Arrk Technologies offers IT staffing services that can help you build a fast track team to execute projects at full tilt or have a longer-term, trustworthy, and competitive workforce who are equipped to tackle all odds. Our staffing services include permanent staffing, project staffing and individual as well as group staffing. To locate, identify, and recruit the cream of talent in the IT universe, our team of committed placement professionals leave no stone unturned to bring to you the best. Arrk Technologies ventures to create the cutting edge that will drive exponential growth and also maintain stability for the future systems of your business.

How we can help your business?

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Technologies that are included but not limited to

Devops/Cloud/AWS Engineer



Data Science




Linux Unix Admin


Database Admin


QA Testing

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